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幼少期をアフリカザンビアで過ごす。白百合女子大学英文科を卒業し、通訳として仕事を始めたのち、海外からのビジネストレーニングの資格を取得。2012年 独立し、株式会社Urlandschaftを設立。海外のビジネスプログラムやコーチングを行い、同年、英語教室MY EIGO CLUBを開校。

2014年 社名をGlobalStyle.HR Incと改名し、現在はロジカルシンキングをベースとする問題解決、決定分析、リスク分析などのビジネストレーニングや、プレゼンテーションスキル、コーチングなどのトレーニングを国内外の企業、私立高校などで行なっている。





MY EIGO CLUB/Student Leadership Academy の運営をし、企業や社会に出てから活かせるスキルを導入したレッスンプログラムや教材、ロジカルシンキングの要素を取り入れた教育プログラム、また、コーチングとフィードバックの要素を取り入れた授業を指導するティーチングメソッドの開発・指導を行っている。



 Reiko Saito


Reiko Saito was born in Tokyo and spent her childhood in Zambia experiencing cultural diversity with her family. 


After graduating Shirayuri Womens University in Tokyo, she started her career as an interpreter and moved on by learning more skills until she became a trainer and a life coach for Individuals and organizations.  She is qualified and experienced in global training programs including Problem Solving, Decision Making, Presentation, Diversity, Global communication and Self assessment programs.  She also advises global training companies on their program localization.


In 2012, she started her training company, GlobalStyle.HR.  She designs and delivers programs for domestic companies on their globalization.  Presentation skill training is one of the key programs she coaches and trains executives and individuals logical flow in their structure as well as the physical posture and other presentation essential techniques.  She specializes in training English presentation to Japanese organizations and teams.


Reiko also runs an English School, MY EIGO CLUB / Student Leadership Academy, to support the young to build their confidence in their global communications.  She teaches Japanese students the joy of communicating with others and the meaning of global diversity.  She runs workshops at a Japanese private high school and delivers various trainings through her programs to prepare to become our next global leaders.