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EQ: Authentic Presentation

Learning about your authentic presentation skills

EQ: Authentic Presentation

Authentic Presentation

1. Self Awareness
Consciousness and Unconsciousness
Self Esteem, Confidence, and Efficacy
Inner8®︎ Self Check
4 Presentation type
Knowing your authentic presentation style

2. Self Regulation
How to handle fear and emotion
How to enhance and build confidence from your Strength
How to deal with triggers of fear
How to keep confidence in public speaking

3. Social Skill
Subjective filter
Learning about presentation skills
Basic Presentation Skills

4. Empathy
Learning your audience
How to connect with the audience
How to move the audience

5. Motivation
How to motivate your audience
Motivating techniques
Knowing what motivates the audience

6. Summary & Goal setting
How to implement EQ in your life

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