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EQ: Women Leadership

EQ skills for Women Leadership

EQ: Women Leadership

Women’s Leadership

1. Self Awareness
Consciousness and Unconsciousness
Self Esteem, Confidence, and Efficacy
Inner8®︎ Self Check
Knowing your role and responsibility as a woman
Knowing your expectation as a woman

2. Self Regulation
How to handle pressure and stress
How to enhance and build confidence from your Strength
How to deal with triggers of stress
Learning about Leadership styles

3. Social Skill
Subjective filter
Learning about business communication for Women
Speed reading and understanding others

4. Empathy
Definition of Empathy
How to show empathy as a woman
Having empathy beyond qualities

5. Motivation
Intrinsic motivation and Extrinsic motivation
Understanding each motivation point
Experience of Success
Effective Feedback for each quality
3 simple steps to give feedback

6. Summary & Goal setting
How to implement EQ in your life

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